Orientlink Consolidators Limited

Professional & Efficient Logistics Services

  • Import/Exports

  • Cargo Consolidation

  • Warehousing

  • Online Shopping

  • Custom Clearance

  • Air Freight

  • Sea Freight


Between the point of departure and destination there is Orientlink

ORIENTLINK CONSOLIDATORS keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

ORIENTLINK CONSOLIDATORS is a comprehensive player in Africa’s supplying & logistics industry. It lays its emphasis on customer needs while offering superior, appropriate and differentiated services in the market.

The company was created in order to meet the ever-growing logistics demand in the most professional, cost effective and on-time delivery of goods and services. This need was guided by the fact that, there are growing uncontrolled and unpredictable logistics costs that erode traders, merchants, contractors, importers and exporters their projected returns; and these requires a timely, step by step approach for an immediate and viable solution.


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